Why booli

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The booli Difference

booli is a cybersecurity company that stands out from the rest.With a data and analytics approach to identity stitching through its proprietary technology, cybersecurity teams can prevent intruders from infiltrating your systems and taking control of the most important parts of your organization. They collect and analyze more types of data points than any other security company and create comprehensive reports for responsible decision-making processes in companies. The booli difference lies in its ability to provide preventative measures – whether it be identity stitching, analysis, or risk management – before any damage is done.

What puts booli above the competition?

  • RPrivate Cloud
  • RCompany Given Access to Raw Logs of Data
  • RFull Access to Company Data
  • REmphastruis Data
  • RIdentity Stitching
  • RStitched Logs
  • RCustom Query Development
  • RCompetitors Provide Data – booli Finds AND Fixes Data Issues
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What Is The Private Cloud?

The private cloud is a private computing infrastructure made available over the internet, allowing external access to data, applications, and resources while remaining secure. Cybersecurity companies like booli offer service solutions for private cloud environments, which provides secure virtualized services offering scalability, reliability, and accessibility. In addition to network security service providers, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are also important to the implementation of private clouds since they can provide performance management and control over traffic flows and redirect customer requests. The combination of private clouds plus cybersecurity solutions makes it possible for companies to keep robust information access in a secure environment.


Raw data logs provide a cybersecurity company like booli with a baseline understanding of its network’s security. Through analyzing this data, booli can gain insight into any weak points in its information systems. This includes looking for evidence of malicious software or users trying to take advantage of vulnerable systems. Raw data logs also provide an essential reference for when future attacks occur or when unexpected activity happens. This allows booli to better understand and defend against threats that could otherwise go unnoticed. Ultimately, raw data logs are invaluable tools for companies looking to maintain secure networks and protect their customers from online threats.

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What Is Identity Stitching?

Identity Stitching provides customized data security coverage by defining workflows to minimize security breaches and deter data threats.

What Are Stitched Logs?

Cybersecurity is a major area of focus in the tech industry, and one company leading the charge is booli. What sets them apart from many other cutting-edge companies is their use of ‘stitched data logs.’ This innovative tool helps booli monitor for intruders and unwanted security threats. Combined with real-time data, this makes it much easier to identify anomalies, correlate events, and detect breaches before they occur – all within a single view. Stitched data logs provide an invaluable method for quickly seeing patterns across seemingly unrelated security threats and greatly reduce the time between detection and protection. Cybersecurity companies like booli are shaking up the industry, providing organizations with peace of mind when it comes to protecting company information.

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What Is Custom Query Development?

Custom query development is an important component of cybersecurity. It involves working with various professionals such as software developers, data scientists, architects, and engineers to create solutions tailored to a particular organization or individual’s needs. By developing custom solutions such as applications, databases, and infrastructure components that are built with the specific purpose and goals of the customer in mind, custom query development can help maintain security while also improving productivity and efficiency by enabling customers to work more quickly and effectively. The cutting-edge technology employed in custom query development provides a distinct competitive advantage in today’s digital age; customers who utilize secure solutions tailored to their specific requirements remain ahead of the game due to the heightened level of protection from malicious code-based attacks.

What Our Customers Say

“Today we have manual playbooks and booli is automating these things that we are doing manually today.  They are telling us the 15 things that can be done today, in three months and in six months”.

“Becauase booli.ai was born in the cloud and 100% cloud-native, we have nobody on the team dedicated to SIEM today.  We no longer need to manage massive infrastructure to scale.  “At one point I had four security staff members dedicated to SIEM.  Now my team assists with integration points and the SOC is dedicated to […]

“It’s one thing to ingest data.  It’s another to get the right logs ingested and parsed focusing on the highest value logs for immediate implementation.  We initially had DNS in Phase III but it really needed to be in Phase I.  booli helped us prioritize and not miss anything.  AD has one thousand different types […]

“booli.ai’s security team is staffed by hardworking quality engineers who want to succeed”.

“With other managed service providers my chances of speaking with an engineer were near zero and I’d be passed from customer support to one person to another.”

“What impresses me with booli.ai is the level of direct access that I have to engineers, operations personnel, and product management – people who have been sitting in my engineering seat who take quick action to affect positive change.”

“With booli.ai’s XDR we are able to integrate 80 applications in six months.  Historically I’ve never seen more than 30 done in four years.”

“A massive differentiator for us is booli.ai’s AD integration points.  They helped us prioritize and not miss any critical integrations.  Initially we had DNS in Phase III and it really belonged in Phase I.”

“booli.ai has been identity focused since day one.  Their identity stitching provides immediate context resulting in high value quality events where historically we’ve had to reverse engineer who was behind the events.  I’ve seen no other providers even talking about this.”

“Pre-booli we had 70 runbooks covering his team monitoring several consoles.  We no longer need to watch and respond to 20 different alerting systems.”

“We’ve acquired six different companies, but the security organization has not grown to scale, and I cannot continue to grow the security team.  booli.ai provides efficiency in a central console that we don’t need to manage, providing high quality alarms with the right context that we need to make quick decisions”.

“With a SIEM industry that is somewhat commoditized, what you bolt on now to make people’s lives easier is key.  This includes adopting new sources that are constantly changing and integrating them quickly”.

“With booli I am able to scale my team to be more efficient – spending time on high quality alarms which is directly related to the soundness of booli’s program”.